Blued Mod APK 4.4.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download For Android

Have you heard about the Blued Mod APK app? If you do not have a deviant sexual orientation, you may not be familiar with this app yet. But if you have probably used this type of app before, then you might be quite familiar with the Blued Mod APK app.

bluish mod apk

Intrigued by the app that took the virtual world by storm in Indonesia? Let’s see the typical Mod Combo review about Blued Mod APK and the features it comes with.

Meet Blued Mod APK

Blued is an application created especially for LGBT groups and men who like the same sex or who are popular with the name gay.

This app which was released in 2012 has many fans. This China-based app has a global user base of 54 million people.

While in 2018, Blued still recorded the number of users reaching 27 million people worldwide. But now the users are much more.

This gay app is designed by a man from China named Le or better known as Ma Baoli and published by Blue City Holdings Co., Ltd.

blued mod apk premium unlocked

In order to log in and use this app, users must have social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

After successfully logging in to the app, the user will be asked to fill in personal details including username, then weight, height, ethnicity, date of birth, and not to miss, a photo .

This app features a number of men of various age ranges. Just like Instagram, users can also follow or follow accounts they like.

The good thing is that without having to follow first, users can chat directly. Users can also view account profiles and watch live streams.

If you want to add friends, you can use the search function by personal or group accounts. For the home group feature, the search is further broken down into categories, such as Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Sports, Food & Drink, and many more.

bluish mod apk 2022

If you have found a suitable group, you can apply directly or join. Interestingly, you can also create your own groups with categories that you can customize.

Earn Money on Blued Mod APK

This app with a blue icon has become a favorite place for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people to interact with each other, such as getting to know each other and spreading the charm.

Not just meeting each other and building relationships, more than that, you as a user can also earn money from this dating app.

The trick, in this application there is a term known as Beans. Simply put, these Beans are like emoticons on Facebook.

So when someone does a live broadcast and the audience likes the show, the audience can give a gift in the form of beans.

download bluish mod apk

Well, these collected beans can then be exchanged for real money. However, users can only exchange Beans for money if the Beans have reached the predetermined limit.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get Beans because only content that attracts attention is usually successful in getting Beans.

While less interesting content will only make the audience bored and eventually reluctant to give bean gifts.

While searches through personal accounts are divided by categories of users who are online, then location, new and most popular accounts.

Features of Blued Mod APK

Male same-sex couples or so-called homosexuals apparently have their own way of looking for a partner. They generally take advantage of the existence of this type of dating application to find a partner.

blued mod apk latest version

Just like other dating apps, Blued Mod APK 2022 also has great features that make users feel at home and pampered. Here are the great features of Blued Mod APK 2022.

secure privacy

Speaking of security, the latest version of Blued Mod APK is very secure. Because in the registration process Blued does not ask users for personal data or real names. Simply by using the account name you can take private photos, send messages, video calls and even Live in private.

multiple users

In this application you will find many people that you may have been looking for. Through the browse feature, you can find an unlimited number of ideal men, either in your neighborhood or in another city or country.

bluish apk

Unfortunately, many features of the official version can only be used by premium users. But you don’t have to worry because you can use the premium unlocked Blued Mod APK which allows you to enjoy all the features without the need of a subscription.

Support multiple languages

Communicating with many men from all over the world often makes users dizzy because they are limited by multiple languages. However, you don’t have to worry about that.

Because as a global app, Blued Mod APK latest version supports multiple languages ​​including Indonesian. In addition, the phrases used are also very familiar and easy to understand.

Download Blued Mod APK

If you are cold, you use Blued but you don’t have enough money to subscribe. Then you can look for other alternatives using Blued Mod APK Premium Unlocked.

bluish mod apk

The reason is that apart from using the app for free, through this modified version, you can access all the premium features of the official app without subscription.

If you are interested, simply download the premium unlocked Blued Mod APK via the link that Mod Combo has provided.


Blued Mod APK 2022 is a social network exclusively for gays over 18 years of age. Blued Mod APK has a filter that can block porn content in the live streaming feature.

In order to avoid negative things during live streaming, Blued Mod APK prohibits its users from displaying pornographic content, violence in the game.

Actually, there are many types of dating apps specific to the LGBT group. Call it, Fem, Dattch, ), Grindr, JackD, Tinder (for bisexuals), Hornet, Her and Only Women (for lesbians)

It is that, of the many applications that exist, Blued Mod APK is the best application. This can be seen in the features presented.

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